We are an Asset Management Company

specialised in Tech & Consumer lifestyle


Born in Milan, the cradle of fashion, food and lifestyle, we stand where legacy meets innovation and Italian spirit combines with international vision.

Who we are

Born in Milan, the cradle of fashion, food and lifestyle, we stand where legacy meets innovation and Italian spirit combines with international vision.

We open the doors of opportunity by connecting forward-looking investors with ambitious entrepreneurs through our leadership, top tier network, and commitment to excellence. 

Counting on a wide portfolio of multiple funds focusing on different business stages and investors’ needs, we aim to become a new VC platform in Europe within the tech & consumer business landscape.


Roots in our legacy, we are pioneers of tomorrow.

Our curiosity has no boundaries, and our audacity is irrepressible.

We stand at the forefront of innovation, at the gateway to a future of progress and wellbeing.

We believe together means stronger and trust brings empowerment. 

We are protagonists of change whose actions are guided by knowledge and insight.

Ambitious and proactive, we own the keys to unlock the doors of global opportunity.
We are the golden gate to progressive future.




We connect farsighted investors with enlightened entrepreneurs by leveraging our extensive expertise and global network to unlock a wide range of cutting-edge investment opportunities within the tech & consumer industry.






We envisage a future where progress and technology will improve wellbeing and solve major world problems, while rewarding those who have shaped it and believed in it.




Value Creation

Entrepreneurs turned investors, we are the go-to VC experts with a successful track record in the European tech & consumer lifestyle industry. Thanks to our knowledge and competence, as well as our privileged access to a wealth of information and exclusive insights, we identify the most promising investment opportunities in international fast-growing companies. We create value. 

  • Expertise
  • Access
  • Go-to
  • Wealth of information 


Our strength is based on the excellence of our strategic global network, whose members share the same progressive vision, collaborative spirit and commitment to success. Through connecting forward-thinking investors with trustworthy entrepreneurs, we build a community of partners who join forces to achieve mutual growth. 

  • Network
  • Trust
  • Partnership
  • Mutual growth 

Future Outlook

We bring innovation to the tech & consumer lifestyle industry by encouraging digital transformation and accelerating the business growth of ground-breaking companies. 

  • Innovation
  • Digital transformation
  • Business growth
  • Progress

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