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The aerospace revolution is solar-powered
Interview: Robert Miller, CEO and co-founder Skydweller Aero

by The Society Magazine - Decrypting Tomorrow#4
Gaia Giorgio Fedi
February 9, 2022

Skydweller Aero developed a new class of unmanned aircraft. With the aim of bringing perpetual flight to the world, leveraging a disruptive technology that could be soon be brought to the market, says CEO and co-founder Robert Miller Bringing perpetual flight to the world, utilising a technology based upon the longest continuous solar powered flight […]

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The Society Magazine – Decrypting Tomorrow#4
The SPACs game

by Gaia Giorgio Fedi and Selim Giray
February 2, 2022

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies have been on the rise in the last few years. Despite experiencing some waning in popularity lately, it seems that these vehicles are here to stay. But do they offer a viable path to exit for venture-backed companies? Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SPACs, have taken the world by storm in […]

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The Society Magazine – Decrypting Tomorrow #4
FashionTech, how innovation is reshaping the industry

by Raffaella Bianchi
January 28, 2022

From emissions reduction to the more extensive attention for recycling, the necessity of a change has influenced small and big corporates in most industries, including Fashion In the latest years, climate change issues have been part of our life, not only in the everyday news but also in the ordinary individual search for products and […]

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The Society Magazine – Decrypting Tomorrow #4
Alternative proteins as a new frontier of innovation in FoodTech

by Edoardo Gava
January 19, 2022

Meat substitutes are a fast-growing and promising sector which has been attracting considerable interest and investment from the venture community in recent years. An industry where ethics meets profit. Consumers around the world love animal protein, to the point that they consumed 574 million tonnes of meat, seafood, dairy products and eggs, or almost 75 […]

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The Society Magazine – Decrypting Tomorrow #4
Decrypting Changes

by Paolo Gualdani
January 12, 2022

Since the dawn of history, change has always been the engine of progress. Even more so in these times, when the speed of technological innovation is rapidly changing every paradigm, not only in the way in which we do business but also in the way we live. The fourth issue of this magazine is entitled […]

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The Society Magazine – Decrypting Tomorrow #3

December 23, 2021

We are proud to share with you the digital version of the third issue of The Society Magazine – Decrypting Tomorrow, featuring insightful analyses, interviews, and updates on the world of Venture Capital and Innovation. “Decrypting challenges”:  this is the headline of the editorial piece giving the title to the third issue of our magazine […]

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Milano Investment Partners SGR strengthens its Venture Capital platform with U-Start Ventures and Cliffs funds

December 15, 2021

Milano Investment Partners SGR (MIP SGR), an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) management company specialising in Venture Capital, after the success of the MIP I fund, announces the creation of a Venture Capital platform, through the launch and management of several alternative and reserved investment funds, differentiated by growth stage of the companies as per portfolio […]

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